VidhyaWorld App is Live!

Mobile-Live“Access VidhyaWorld right from your smartphone”

VidhyaWorld makes it possible for you to manage your school right from your smartphone. The amazing power of the cloud lets you access your profile from anywhere and anytime. VidhyaWorld App gives you a simplified mobile dashboard so that it makes your daily activities easy as pie. All you need is our Mobile App and a smartphone/tablet with internet connectivity. Login with your credentials and the control is right at your fingertips. Continue reading

5 Best E-Learning Tools

There are tons of E-Learning resources online but when it comes to choosing one it becomes a chore as to which one to opt to. Here are five of the best E-Learning tools which you are enroll for free. Continue reading

Flipped Classroom: A Brief Look

FlippedIn a Traditional Classroom, a teachers role is ‘sage on the stage’ where he/she takes lectures and tests in the classroom and gives homework to be done by the students at home. Students are expected to complete the assignments and to be evaluated later by the teachers. Students who didn’t understand the lessons in the classroom gets frustrated and they’d fail to complete their assignments. Furthermore the whole process takes a good chunk of the teachers’ and students’ time. Continue reading

Gamification in Education

Blog2aGaming is really a great experience. They make you excited as well as entertained. They make you all happy when you win and groan when you lose. They can be played one on one, as a team, against the computer, or all by your self. They motivate you to go on until feel satiated. Games are indeed fun and who doesn’t want to have fun while learning? Continue reading

10 Famous College Dropouts

Agreed, like your folks always told you, education does take you great heights but there are some who didn’t need ‘education’ to rocket them to fame, stardom or celebrity status. It might be their insane skills, extreme hardwork or just sheer luck. These are 10 of the most famous college dropouts who made it big. And by no means is this article an ‘Another Brick In The Wall’ reprise and neither does it promote dropping out of college. Continue reading

Importance of a Campus Management System

Best ERP Software
Nowadays schools and college continue to grow in numbers throughout the world. Management of these institutions has turned out to be nothing short of hectic. Tedious would be an understatement when it gets to managing a school or college and different complications associated with daily management of large schools and colleges are humongous. In a day and age where World Wide Web and Constant Networking rules supreme, its integral for such institutions’ functions to become automated. This is where Campus Management System and ERP comes to play. Continue reading

Happy New Year!

VidhyaWorld & Human Interface Technologies wishes all of you a very Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas!

VidhyaWorld and Human Interface Technologies wishes you a Merry Christmas!